Sunday, May 29, 2011

Tools of the trade...part 1

I have not contributed here in a while.  I have been working but don't feel like I am making progress.....just keep plugging away.  I still have several projects that need to be finished.

I wanted to talk about using the tools we have to make our quilting life a little easier.  There are so many of them.  When I started pulling together my quilting tools for this post I could not believe all the tools I have!
Cutting tools are such a necessity.  Every size of rotary cutter, blades, my precious circle cutter, a true necessity for me, and various scissors for various projects.  I use them all, not on every project but it's nice to know they are at hand when I need them.

Can you say rulers!
OK, I have a lot of rulers.  I have many specialty rulers.  I never met a ruler I didn't like.  I like to have the proper tool for my projects......Yep, I have too many rulers!  I have about 4 rulers I use everyday.

  One of the best tools ever is this rotating cutting mat that I can trim and square up blocks without moving the fabric.  This is a nice tool.

Those JoAnn's coupons feed this tool obsession of mine!!  Some specialty tools are not available there but you can almost always find the basics.

Thats it about tools so far.  I'll  talk about my favorite specialty tools next time.

Dig out those tools from their hiding places and find the treasures you have not been using that will make your quilting life so much easier.

Sunday, May 15, 2011

I've been working...................

Although I have not had any photos to post lately, I have been working!  Here are some of the fruits of my labor.

Pictures will be forthcoming at some point in time!  This is a short post but I have got to get back to the sewing room!

Friday, May 6, 2011

Teaching a Class......Me???

I am going to have a new adventure this summer.  I am going to teach a quilt class at Harper's Fabric and Quilts in Downtown Overland Park, Kansas!  It is something I have thought about....some have made this suggestion to me but I just didn't think I would do it.  I love quilting...and I love quilters but it is a little intimidating to someone who is not often intimidated!

I am going to teach this quilt

Yes, Seeing Squares by Empty Bobbin.  I do love this quilt.  I love that you can make it out of any fabric, any color scheme that delights you.  I love that you can't really tell where the block is.  It is just a great quilt pattern.  I want to get another baby size done before class if I can.

I will prepare myself and share all the tips and tricks I know.  I am looking forward to it.  If you want to join me please do.  I will bring chocolate!