Thursday, April 28, 2011

Mug Rug Swap Adventure

Well...I joined another swap!  Just like I said I wouldn't.  It is done now.  I have both sent and received and my partner has received so I am done.  No more for a little while at least!

This is what I received from my Flickr friend/partner "oneygirl".

What great color and the fabric line I love.  It is a large mug rug which makes it all the better.  Leona also sent me some purple fabrics for my stash and a great handmade mini kleenex holder,

For me this is the year of the Tula in my swaps!  First it was the Plume dresden for the DQS 10 swap...the Neptune Postage Stamp Quilt along, and now it is the Full Moon Forest Mug Rug Swap Adventure...................

Leona's wishes were for owls and Tula Pink so this fabric was perfect.  I used my favorite 6 minute circle to make this quilt.   Since this "mug rug" was more of a doll quilt I made an additional gift;

I just love these fat owls!

Another swap has come and gone and I always enjoy them.  I just need to stay out of them for a little while so I can get some stuff done!!!!

Sunday, April 24, 2011

Happy Easter

These Easter bags are going to my "greats" nieces and nephews.  It is so fun for me to do these little things for them.  I have two 5 year olds and one that's 4 and one thats 1.  I have more, one in Denver, one in Louisburg, one in North Carolina, but I don't get to visit them today.

I wanted to show you the view I have right now from my sewing room.  I love Spring when everything is so green and blooming.

We have some yard work to do...mulch to to plant.  My yard is always a work in progress.

I finally got my Robert Kaufman, No Prints Allowed quilt into the house so I could get a decent photo.  I really enjoyed making this throw even though the color scheme is not my normal.

This may go up on the wall in my office for a while so I can enjoy it.  Having a quilt hanging in my office reminds me each day why I work!!!  Fabric quilting and travel!!

It's a beautiful Sunday.  Happy Easter.

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

No Quilty Stuff

I have been gone from here for what seems like a long, long time!  I have been here....

It was wonderful but there were no sewing machines or fabric on board.  I had to make do with magazines and a few of my favorite quilting books.
We saw some beautiful things like this

While we were gone the Ship gave us these
balloons to help my husband and I celebrate our 17th wedding anniversary!

All in all a fantastic vacation. It was really relaxing.

Next time I think I will stash a few fat quarters in my bag so I can touch them and dream about the sewing days ahead!

Stay tuned...I should have some quilty things to post by the weekend!

Sunday, April 3, 2011

484 inches!!

After sewing 484 inches of binding since Christmas I finally finished this little beauty...

It was difficult to get a half way decent photo of this one.  It measures 120 x 120 and I have nowhere to lay it out or hang it up!   I am very happy with the way it turned out.  It is all batik and I think I would keep it for my own if I could get away with it! 

I made this for my niece Mindy who asked me for a bed quilt.  I started it shortly after her birthday last year (May 1) and was determined to have it finished for her birthday this year.  I gave this quilt to Angela Walters to quilt for me.  I just wasn't up for this challenge!!  Mindy told me she liked fall colors so that was my theme.  This is a Debbie Maddy "Cosmic Jewels" pattern.

It is beautiful in Kansas City today so I think we will spend most of the day outside.  We have waited a long time for this weather!

Hope you all enjoy your day.