Saturday, December 31, 2011

Wow...where did that year go!

It is New Year's Eve again.  I don't know where the time goes.  Do you have any resolutions this year?  I guess I have a wish list for next less, enjoy life more, relax and be happy.  With that work less wish comes the sew more wish!!  I sew a lot anyway but I can always use more time in my sewing room.

I am headed somewhere warm in a few weeks and while I'm gone all I can think of is getting back to my sewing room!

Here's to less work and more sewing....enjoy your thankful.....relax and be happy!

See you all right here next year with some new modern projects.....transparency quilts....on my mind.......

Saturday, November 26, 2011

A Fun finish....or finishes!!

I have a friend who has two wonderful little girls which he adores.  Having a bit of weakness where little girls are concerned I decided to make them each the same quilt from different fabrics.  A couple of charm packs of the print and the solid and a Moda Bakeshop pattern "Windy Days", a few pinwheels and there you go!

I decided to take some leftover charm squares and make each girl a matching doll quilt for their dolls.

I decided to back both quilts with pink minkee and the doll quilts with flannel.  I cannot wait to hear how they react to theses gifts.  They were lots of fun to make.  Hope they like them.
Now I can move on to other things I would like to finish before the holidays!

Hope all of you have some finishes in sight!

Sunday, November 20, 2011

Cleaning house....but wanting to sew.....

Thanksgiving is my day to cook for the family.  My husband and I are equals in the kitchen and we both put this meal on the table for our family.  First I have to pull myself out of the sewing room to clean my house.  I managed to do that for several hours but then found myself back in front of the sewing table.  How did I get back down there?  Hopefully work will be a bit slower this week and I can get home early enough to finish my dusting and such!

So I have a little console in my dining room and I wanted a little holiday topper to cover it, so I grabbed a charm pack and put this together.  A two hour table runner.

Then I ran the vacuum for awhile...and then I worked on some Bee blocks....almost done there.  I cleaned a little more and admired my clean counter tops that for some reason I rarely get to see,  Then I did this;

A little machine binding on a Christmas gift.  This needs to get in the mail this week for it's journey.

Here's how it looked finished
This Seeing Squares quilt sat close to the Cover Girl Squares and I like it amost as much.  The light brown paisley on the back is flannel.  Hope it keeps this little boy warm.  I quilted it in a kind of free form interlocking squares pattern.  The thread was Rainbows in a variegated blue/brown.  I like how it turned out.
Just a month or so until Christmas.  Wonder how many projects I can get done? 

Here's to the day where we give thanks for all of the wonderful things we are blessed with in our life.  My list of blessings is vast.  I count my quilting friends among the blessings.  Hope you all have a wonderful Thanksgiving Day.

Sunday, November 6, 2011


Look at this fabulous cabinet!  I can't believe that I have this beautiful piece of furniture to sew from.  I have a few drawers still empty also!  That is incredible.  I am so pleased and sewing at table level is really nice.

My old cabinet is ready for a new home so if anyone is interested let me know.

My little Bernie loves her new cabinet and so do I.

I have been working on a few things.  Today is catch up on the Bee's day.  I have two blocks due for my BEE Neptune Bee.  One is a Dresden Plate, or two of them and then another Bee Neptune block and I have Stephenie's hibiscus to crank out.  I am looking forward to that one.  I love batiks!  I can't wait to finish these up.  I hate being behind.

Some other projects I have been working on.....I pulled this off the quilt frame yesterday.  It is one of two matching quilts I am pulling together for a friend I work with.  He has two little girls that he adores so I want to make them each a quilt that match in style but are made from different fabrics.  This is a Moda Bakeshop pattern made with Eva from Basic Grey.  I love this with most Basic Grey lines it has some Grunge in it.  I love, love Grunge in all colors.  The matching quilt is made from the Moda Happy line.  I am still putting that one together.

Minkee on the back from Urban Arts and Crafts!  Little girls love Minkee.  I will only use it on the frame,  sewing with this stretchy stuff is a true challenge.

I like having something on the quilter so I can piece for awhile and then quilt for awhile.  I guess I feel like I accomplish more that way.  So in that spirit I loaded this quilt yesterday.............

I am Seeing Squares again!  Making this quilt for a special little boy that lives very far away.  I made him a baby quilt but now he is a little boy and he needs a little boy quilt.  That paisley backing is flannel and I think both he and his Mom will love it.  I love the thought of my quilts keeping my favorite kids nice and warm.  I am gearing up for a little girl plus quilt....from stash of course.  So much fun.  Also in the immediate line up is my Funky Monkey Garden Fence quilt that I started some time ago.  Need to finish that for one of my greats for Christmas.  As always so much to do, so little time.  I need to find a way to end these 12 hour days at work.  It is really cutting in to my sewing time.

Until next time....happy quilting.

Monday, October 17, 2011

It's a Cabinet!

It is a sewing cabinet!  Wanted to give you a progress report on the beautiful sewing cabinet Larry is making for me.  All the drawers are in and since this photo drawer fronts have been attached.  The top and back are made and finished.

It won't be long now!  I can't wait to get it into the room.  Some rearranging and reorganization will need to be done when it comes to the sewing room.  I will need to open an Etsy/Ebay account!!  It will all be worth it to get this new sewing space.

I have been sewing a little.  There is a quilt on the machine that I will photograph when it is quilted.  This past week I taught my forst quilting class.  Thursday was "Swoon"  and then on Sunday we began "Seeing Squares".  Thanks to Empty Bobbin, Shea Henderson for the new Zig Zagged patterns.  I was able to give my three students a free pattern!  It has been a really fun experience.

This was my little Saturday break away.  I needed to do something small and fun.  I am sure I will be making a few more of these as I know lots of KU fans!  The JHawk fabric is "Rah Rah" from Sarah's in Lawrence, KS.

Hope you have a great week and get a little time to feed your passion!

Saturday, October 1, 2011

Everyone Needs a New Look

I have been feeling a little dark here at Paulasstitchwitchery!  I wanted to brighten things up.  I still want to change the banner also but not yet,  TallGrassPrairieStudio
 got such a fabulous new look that I though I needed a change!

On to quilty matters.......  I finished this up last night.
My niece is giving it to her sister at her baby shower today.
This is my own creation and I must say I am pleased with the way it turned out.  It is about 50 inches square and I called it Bubbles!

Kona Solids were the choice and while not my color palette it did turn out pretty good.  I quilted with an all over meander and did a scrappy binding.

For the backing.....  I used a little Central Park by Kate Spain.  One of my favorite lines definitely.  I did a little quick piecing just because I have to piece the backs!  It turned out OK too.

Just to give you a quick update on other projects;  I finshed this little Swoon block wall hanging and sent it off to a coworker in St. Louis.  Oh how I love this block.  I also sent along a little personalized mug rug for her desk

I am off to work on my potholders for the secret swap with the Portland MQG.  I have to work today so I had best get busy.............update on the fabulous sewing cabinet next post!

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Progress is slow...

I have been working on things...I have several classes coming up and have been diligently getting my class samples worked up.  Note to self: get class samples done before classes are posted!!
This color wheel is finished and will be on the wall at Harper's soon.  I was surprised how easy this little quilt was.  It is made in quadrants and was a super simple two day quilt.

Swoon top is done and then done again after I tore off the "white" border.  Replaced it with Kona Snow that is a much better match to the background fabric.  This was not an "easy" quilt...while made up of HST and flying geese it is deceptively detailed and you need to pay close attention to orientation while under construction!  My seam ripper an I spent some quality time together during this project!
A little Heather Bailey from Sarah's for backing of the Swoon.

These are my fabric selections for my improv wall hanging.  Some fabulous shot cottons and a bit of silk that is shiny and gorgeous.  Not sure what this will be but that is the joy of improv.

If you are interested in joining me for a class or two please come join me!!  I am sure they will all be fun.....

Sunday, August 28, 2011

What a Gift!

I received the most amazing gift/prize that I won from Handmade by Alissa's Blog.  Alissa held her 2nd annual Action for Kivu Fundraiser this year.  If you have not heard of it check out her blog.  What a great cause she supports.  Anyway, I sent in a contribution and won this fabulous prize.....................
Some of you may ask why this prize is so wonderful???   I love this Erin Michael's count by number fabric.  I have been hoarding Lush for some time much like my Neptune hoarding! I have been able to get my hands on a small piece of the deer fabric but not enough for the quilt I wanted to make and now I have entire yard!  This fabric is OOP and so hard to come by.  I am truly the lucky one and I got to give to a great cause in the process.  The bird fabric is fabulous too.  Not sure where that will go but it will find a home too!!       

Other activities around the sewing cave is this little jewel, Swoon by Camille Roskelly.  Love this pattern and love the Art Gallery fabrics I pulled from the stash to make the quilt.  This is one of the classes I will be teaching at Harper's this session.    I'll tell you about the others next post.  Still working on my class samples and just got my machine out of the hospital yesterday. It was a traumatic time for both of us!!

Keep on stitching!                                                                      

Sunday, August 14, 2011


You thought this was going to be about a quilty WIP?  This is the beginning of my new sewing cabinet.  My most talented husband is making this cabinet just for my machine.

About a year ago I somehow got roped, forced, dragged, talked, cajoled into buying a new sewing machine.  Oh yes it is the most fabulous thing but really I didn't want need a new machine! I had dropped my machine off at Bernina to get her cleaned and oiled.  When I went to bring her home I was given a demo of this new, fabulous, does everything but cook dinner machine and....I fell in love all over again!  I was indecisive for 15 minutes or so but I knew I was weak and was going to breakdown and take my new girl home!

Of course my new girl did not near fit into my current sewing cabinet my sister bought for me thirty years ago. My machine now sits on top and I sew up high!  It is going to be wonderful to be able to have my machine at table height again.

He has a ways to go but how wonderful of him to feed into my passion for sewing.  I love my cabinet but I love him for making it for me even more!!

Monday, August 8, 2011

Soooo Many Projects

It was a busy weekend, my attention span is a nanosecond!  I finished up my quilt for DQS 11,

A little spiderweb quilt.  Fun to make and I am pleased with the look.  Those bulky seems were special!  I would change a few things to improve upon that time.  I added a few spiders just for a little color and fun.  I need to add a label and then ready for mailing around mid month.

I have a couple of Seeing Squares small quilts in progress.  One will go to a little boy in Germany for Christmas, one is just for fun.

I have another small quilt I need to get busy on which is a gift.  I am part of the For the Love of Solids swap.  I have the fabrics selected and the pattern too so need to get busy.

I tried this block as an experiment.  There is a bit of waste with this one, but how good is this going to be made out of Neptune?  I think I will love it so much.

Last but not least I am quilting along with McIntyre Girl in a Garden Fence QAL on Flickr.  This one will be a Christmas gift for a little red headed boy who I love so much.
It is good to have my sewing energy back.  I don't know where it went for awhile!

Monday, August 1, 2011

It's Monday Again!

Where did my weekend go???  Seems like Friday finally comes and then I blink and it is Monday again.  It was a great weekend.  Went shopping with my niece for Back-To-School for my girl "Greats".  One 5 and it will be her first year in "Big Girl" school, and then one who is 4 and it is her first year in Pre-School.  So much fun.  What beautiful little girls they are.  While shopping we ran in to the boy "Greats".  All such great kids, I am truly blessed by them.

I got a little sewing done.  These blocks are work intensive
but I love how it turned out.

I learned a few things, as I always do.  The number of layers of fabric in the center of these blocks is
 far, far too many.  Think I will leave the last strip off the last 1/4 inch of the foundation and save that layer.  I love the way it turned out.  Really cute I think.  It is ready to quilt so I had best get to it.  It is for my partner in the DQS 11 swap.  Has to go into the mail mid August.  I have plenty of time.
I will then get busy on my "For the Love of Solids" swap.  Then I am swap done for this year,  I have several plans for gifts so I need to focus!

Speaking of swaps, if you ever join one please be involved.  It is so much more fun if you are.  I have had notoriously quiet partners in most of my swaps so far.  Everyone is busy, I understand, but really, don't join unless you plan to participate.  It is so much more rewarding for both of you if you do!

Happy Monday everyone!  Hope your week goes well.

Sunday, July 24, 2011

Bee Blocks

Today was bee block day for me.  I belong to the KC Scrappy Bee, our 2nd year and the BEE Neptune Bee on Flickr.

For the KC Scrappy Bee it was Caitlin's month and she wanted a spider web block.  She had a color range we needed to stay in but with my vast!! stash it was no problem.

For the BEE Neptune it is Yolanda's month.
She chose hexagons.  Since the hexagon skill eludes me, I made these pieced hexagon blocks!  Could have been better!! Could have been worse.  All in all I am pleased.

I keep saying that I need to stop this swap, Bee stuff!!  Will I never listen!

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Garden Fence QAL

Caitlin is hosting a Quilt A Long on her blog here

Have you seen the great Garden Fence quilts on Flickr??  What a great fun quilt block.

This is a mini quilt I made with mini charm square centers.  This is a 5 inch block.

This is a full size Garden Fence quilt that I put on the floor to tweek the layout.  These blocks are 11 inches square, made with charm square centers from the Moda Happy line.  It was so much fun pulling coordinating fabric from my stash for the block borders!  This quilt was made completely from stash.

I still need to add the white sashing and put it all together.

Join Caitlin for her Garden Fence QAL.  It will be lots of fun and you will end up with a great quilt at the end.

Sunday, July 17, 2011

Small - Mini - Doll Quilts

I somehow was chosen to participate in the Flicker Doll Quilt Swap 11.  My first DQS was # 10 and lots of fun.  This round we are making a true doll quilt.  Minimum 6 blocks and no more than 18 inches square.

 Cool Blue Diamond
                                                  Red Hot Diamonds
Mini Garden Fence

Not sure what I will do yet, Mini spider web is a possibility!  Who knows.  I've got to get going, mail date is not too far off.

Friday, July 15, 2011

Blogger Slacker..............Life Slacker

I am a blogger slacker!  At the same time I seem to have been a life slacker also.  I am not certain of the cause but I am investigating.  Maybe a summer funk has come to live in my brain, I am not sure.  I have been sewing a bit but not the usual over the edge amount.  I have decided to wake up, shake it off and get busy.

I have done a couple of little things like this,

 a doll size take on Kaffe Fassett's Hot Diamonds,  It was quick colorful and bright,  A fast instant gratification.

This one got a little wonky in quilting but good enough for the girls to use for their dolls.

I have to get busy now.  Everything I have slacked on needs to be completed.

Sunday, May 29, 2011

Tools of the trade...part 1

I have not contributed here in a while.  I have been working but don't feel like I am making progress.....just keep plugging away.  I still have several projects that need to be finished.

I wanted to talk about using the tools we have to make our quilting life a little easier.  There are so many of them.  When I started pulling together my quilting tools for this post I could not believe all the tools I have!
Cutting tools are such a necessity.  Every size of rotary cutter, blades, my precious circle cutter, a true necessity for me, and various scissors for various projects.  I use them all, not on every project but it's nice to know they are at hand when I need them.

Can you say rulers!
OK, I have a lot of rulers.  I have many specialty rulers.  I never met a ruler I didn't like.  I like to have the proper tool for my projects......Yep, I have too many rulers!  I have about 4 rulers I use everyday.

  One of the best tools ever is this rotating cutting mat that I can trim and square up blocks without moving the fabric.  This is a nice tool.

Those JoAnn's coupons feed this tool obsession of mine!!  Some specialty tools are not available there but you can almost always find the basics.

Thats it about tools so far.  I'll  talk about my favorite specialty tools next time.

Dig out those tools from their hiding places and find the treasures you have not been using that will make your quilting life so much easier.