Sunday, November 6, 2011


Look at this fabulous cabinet!  I can't believe that I have this beautiful piece of furniture to sew from.  I have a few drawers still empty also!  That is incredible.  I am so pleased and sewing at table level is really nice.

My old cabinet is ready for a new home so if anyone is interested let me know.

My little Bernie loves her new cabinet and so do I.

I have been working on a few things.  Today is catch up on the Bee's day.  I have two blocks due for my BEE Neptune Bee.  One is a Dresden Plate, or two of them and then another Bee Neptune block and I have Stephenie's hibiscus to crank out.  I am looking forward to that one.  I love batiks!  I can't wait to finish these up.  I hate being behind.

Some other projects I have been working on.....I pulled this off the quilt frame yesterday.  It is one of two matching quilts I am pulling together for a friend I work with.  He has two little girls that he adores so I want to make them each a quilt that match in style but are made from different fabrics.  This is a Moda Bakeshop pattern made with Eva from Basic Grey.  I love this with most Basic Grey lines it has some Grunge in it.  I love, love Grunge in all colors.  The matching quilt is made from the Moda Happy line.  I am still putting that one together.

Minkee on the back from Urban Arts and Crafts!  Little girls love Minkee.  I will only use it on the frame,  sewing with this stretchy stuff is a true challenge.

I like having something on the quilter so I can piece for awhile and then quilt for awhile.  I guess I feel like I accomplish more that way.  So in that spirit I loaded this quilt yesterday.............

I am Seeing Squares again!  Making this quilt for a special little boy that lives very far away.  I made him a baby quilt but now he is a little boy and he needs a little boy quilt.  That paisley backing is flannel and I think both he and his Mom will love it.  I love the thought of my quilts keeping my favorite kids nice and warm.  I am gearing up for a little girl plus quilt....from stash of course.  So much fun.  Also in the immediate line up is my Funky Monkey Garden Fence quilt that I started some time ago.  Need to finish that for one of my greats for Christmas.  As always so much to do, so little time.  I need to find a way to end these 12 hour days at work.  It is really cutting in to my sewing time.

Until next time....happy quilting.


  1. You rock it lady!!! When I asked about what a panto was and free hand on FB, I totally forgot you had a long arm. It all makes sense now...cha-ching LIGHT BULB CAME ON. Wow, I really love the pinwheel quilt and like you I LUV THE GRUNGE!!!!! Tell your hubby he can come over and make me a cabinet anytime he feels bored..

  2. Love your new sewing table :) I'm totally jealous. My 2 year old just broke my acrylic extension table the other day and I refuse to shell out another hundred dollars on a stupid piece of plastic. I've been looking around for a new table. I want my machine recessed in the table now.

  3. That cabinet is amazing! I'm jealous.

  4. What a lovely job your sweetie did....