Sunday, November 20, 2011

Cleaning house....but wanting to sew.....

Thanksgiving is my day to cook for the family.  My husband and I are equals in the kitchen and we both put this meal on the table for our family.  First I have to pull myself out of the sewing room to clean my house.  I managed to do that for several hours but then found myself back in front of the sewing table.  How did I get back down there?  Hopefully work will be a bit slower this week and I can get home early enough to finish my dusting and such!

So I have a little console in my dining room and I wanted a little holiday topper to cover it, so I grabbed a charm pack and put this together.  A two hour table runner.

Then I ran the vacuum for awhile...and then I worked on some Bee blocks....almost done there.  I cleaned a little more and admired my clean counter tops that for some reason I rarely get to see,  Then I did this;

A little machine binding on a Christmas gift.  This needs to get in the mail this week for it's journey.

Here's how it looked finished
This Seeing Squares quilt sat close to the Cover Girl Squares and I like it amost as much.  The light brown paisley on the back is flannel.  Hope it keeps this little boy warm.  I quilted it in a kind of free form interlocking squares pattern.  The thread was Rainbows in a variegated blue/brown.  I like how it turned out.
Just a month or so until Christmas.  Wonder how many projects I can get done? 

Here's to the day where we give thanks for all of the wonderful things we are blessed with in our life.  My list of blessings is vast.  I count my quilting friends among the blessings.  Hope you all have a wonderful Thanksgiving Day.

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  1. Love the Seeing Squares quilt. I don't think I've seen any version that I haven't liked.