Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Progress is slow...

I have been working on things...I have several classes coming up and have been diligently getting my class samples worked up.  Note to self: get class samples done before classes are posted!!
This color wheel is finished and will be on the wall at Harper's soon.  I was surprised how easy this little quilt was.  It is made in quadrants and was a super simple two day quilt.

Swoon top is done and then done again after I tore off the "white" border.  Replaced it with Kona Snow that is a much better match to the background fabric.  This was not an "easy" quilt...while made up of HST and flying geese it is deceptively detailed and you need to pay close attention to orientation while under construction!  My seam ripper an I spent some quality time together during this project!
A little Heather Bailey from Sarah's for backing of the Swoon.

These are my fabric selections for my improv wall hanging.  Some fabulous shot cottons and a bit of silk that is shiny and gorgeous.  Not sure what this will be but that is the joy of improv.

If you are interested in joining me for a class or two please come join me!!  I am sure they will all be fun.....


  1. I am tempted by your color wheel class. Is there a kit? Or do we use fabric from our stashes?

  2. Love the color wheel :) I can't wait to get mine put together!