Sunday, July 24, 2011

Bee Blocks

Today was bee block day for me.  I belong to the KC Scrappy Bee, our 2nd year and the BEE Neptune Bee on Flickr.

For the KC Scrappy Bee it was Caitlin's month and she wanted a spider web block.  She had a color range we needed to stay in but with my vast!! stash it was no problem.

For the BEE Neptune it is Yolanda's month.
She chose hexagons.  Since the hexagon skill eludes me, I made these pieced hexagon blocks!  Could have been better!! Could have been worse.  All in all I am pleased.

I keep saying that I need to stop this swap, Bee stuff!!  Will I never listen!


  1. They all look great, Paula! :) You must really be sitting on a huge stash of Neptune, huh?

  2. Hey Paula! I made Caitlin's blocks today I just need to snap a picture and post it. What a fun block! I love your Neptune blocks cute!