Wednesday, January 11, 2012

my colorwheel

My colorwheel came home from the quiltshop!  It is one of my favorites.  I want to make another one and do it a bit differently.  I just love the vibrant colors paired with black.
I will change the quilting on the next one.  I need more quilting in the color portion.  I may work on that when I bring her home.  She is hanging out in my office at work and makes me happy.  For the backing I found a bit of Kaffe to use.  I love the brightness and richness of color.  I love this quilt!

Sunday, January 8, 2012

Making Simple Things

So many things I would like to make.  I have an improv quilt on my mind but need more time to spend with my thoughts.  Those Transparency Quilts are haunting my sleep.  Right now with my intense work schedule and vacation just around the corner (I have not packed yet) I am settlling for some simple things.

Just an easy center panel with a couple of borders.  It is flannel and covered with monsters!  Our own little red haired monster celebrated his 2nd birthday on Christmas day so we celebrated when the holdays were done.  It is about 60x60 so a good size for him.  Most importantly for me is that it is a finish!!   It's nice to have a finish even though I don't have as much time to sew right now.

I started and finished these two doll quilts today.  Simple and fun and finished!  There is a little girl and her dollies that will love them!  A little yellow marble flannel for the back and some easy quilting.

I am hoping this little one loves these pink ballerinas!

Who doesn't love this Heather Bailey?  This is one of my very favorite prints.  Just love the big flower.

These are in the washer and will soon be ready to go to a new home.

So it is not always about creating for me.  Sometimes I just need to touch fabric, hear my machine run and every now and then get a very easy finish.  It's good for my sewing soul!

Monday, January 2, 2012

All Done

I did it!  This is my first total finish for 2012.  I love this quilt.  It is so soft and warm.  It is in the dryer as I write this and will be ready to go to it's new home.  I hope my sister in law loves it.

I had a little fun with the snowmen on the back.  Her grand boys will enjoy cuddling with her and the snowmen!

This photo is blurry but it is a photo of some little quilt labels my niece gave me for Christmas.  She ordered them off the net somewhere.  I think they are pretty nice.  Plenty of space to write the date at the bottom of the label.

I've got another quilt on the frame.  Have to have it ready for a birthday party on Saturday.  I'd best get busy!

Sunday, January 1, 2012

Happy New Year!

Another year older....seriously, do I need to keep having these birthdays?  I really think I have had enough!!!  I just want to stay the age I am right now!!  No more aging.

For this wonderful day I quilted my first quilt of 2012.  This quilt that I have made for my sister in law is made from flannel......Woolies flannel from Maywood Studios.  If you have never made a quilt with Woolies flannel you have not used the best flannel of all.  Just my opinion of course but this flannel is nice and sturdy and the colors are rich.  This is a large quilt!  She told me she wanted to wrap herself up in it!  It is big enough for that.  Need to get the binding on tomorrow and finish it up,

What a perfect way to start the new year.  A quilt and the ipad my husband gave me for my birthday!  Life is good.