Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Neptune Love!

I received some wonderful Neptune love in the mail last week. I have been making every effort to get a full set of Neptune fabrics. I am almost there but still missing a few. Now that I have a little or rather a lot of this line I need to make a few things. I have several ideas and need to get busy with it. After all the new line of Parisville will be out soon and I will be faced with more gorgeous quilt making. I joined the Mug Rug swap on Flickr so maybe it will be Neptune rug. Ya never know!

Just wanted to share my Neptune love with all of you!!

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

1st and Foremost

Welcome to post #1 on Paula's StitchWitchery! I have enjoyed following quilting blogs so much and have gained knowledge and inspiration through others creativity. I'm hoping to inspire others from time to time with my thoughts, dreams, ideas, and creations.

I will occasionally share my family, her name is Hannah, and occasionally share my favorite things other than quilting. I hope you enjoys my posts in the days to come. I have some new projects underway and will share them in the near future.

Happy quilting,