Saturday, February 26, 2011

The Process

I decided to dig in to a new project this morning.  I still have a few hanging on but nearing the finish point.  I still have the Doll Quilt to quilt.  The due date for the Doll Quilt Swap 10 mailing is fast approaching.  I have had a request for a Dresden Plate quilt.  I love this block and it is not near as complicated as it looks.

Choosing fabric...the colors invloved are purple and pink.  I am never happy with just two colors in my quilts.  So I will add in an accent of greens and blues.

I pulled the fabric from stash that I thought I might like to use.  Too many fabrics but I can always put some away.  The quantity of purple that I own is is my favorite.  After pulling these fat quarter and half yard cuts I went looking for border;

this is the border and background fabric.  I think it will be the
1st fabric on the left for border but I like the 4th from the left too.  Both are sunflowers.  The lighter fabrics are for backgrounds for the Dresdens.  I chose batiks for this quilt.  No particular reason.  I like working with them and thought they would work well.  I also tried something new with the dresden;

I had seen these two fabric blades but......................I finally read my "Thoroughly Modern Dresden" book and decided to try it.

I like it!!  I cut two coordinating 3 inch strips, sewed them up the middle, centered my dresden template over the seam and cut them out.  I will tell you my cutting mat that rotates 360 degrees was very helpful.  Only two of my dresdens with be this split pattern.  The others will be normal one fabric per blade.  I have a design in mind we will see how it goes as we go along.
I forgot to mention my mascot/helper that was with me as my work progressed today;

Back to the sewing room!


  1. I've never attempted the dresden plate. Does it end up being applique'd onto the background? Cause what do you do with all those points?? I really like the 2-color blades! Neat idea :)

  2. Yes, I machine appliques my plate to the background with a blind stitch usually but I am thinking of topstitching these to the background. The Dresden Plate is not difficult and I love the way they look.