Saturday, February 5, 2011

Why do I quilt?

I have asked myself this question on several occasions.  Because I love fabric and have since I was a child.  Because I think I have a little talent in the game???, because it soothes my soul and provides me with sanity when I think I might go insane...because I have two little girls and two little guys that love their Aunt Paula's quilts.  All of those things are true but then I came upon this scene;
There he is in all his glory My husband Larry in his chair, remote in his lap, cell phone on the table,  freshly read newspapers laying on the floor and a fresh cold can of Mountain Dew.  I couldn't love him more!!  I made this quilt for him.  It is backed with flannel and filled with wool batting just to keep him comfy and warm.  I quilt for this picture!  I love all the other arty quilts and mug rugs but this is it folks...a reason for me to keep quilting.  Why do you quilt?

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