Sunday, March 6, 2011


I have been thinking a lot about my own UFO's for the past week or so.  Wondering what is the reason these things have become ufo's?

This was my first UFO;
I think this is a photo of Robin Askin's demo quilt for the "Strips and Curves" class but mine is very similar....just not put together!!It isn't that I dislike this quilt.
I just don't know where to start with putting it together.  I need to re visit this I think because I love the quilt, and the colors.

My second UFO;
This is a One Block Wonder that I made when I took a class with Karen Moore at Harper's.  Once again I like the quilt but found it very tedious to put together.  I am going to get this out for my next project.
Once it is together it's done right?

Then sometime ago I started this table topper;
I am working on this now along with a couple other projects.  I love this.  I took it out of the plastic bag it has lived in for too long and loved it some more.  I started looking at some of the stitching and had to wonder what 5 year old had sewn it together!!!  Yes it has been a ufo for a while!  I got the seam ripper out and tore out what I thought was not up to standard and I am working on it again.

I have other things not finished, a Parisville coin and several tops that go unquilted but I am making a promise to myself to re visit them one by one.

How about your UFO's?  Take a look and maybe you will find an old friend!


  1. I love that strips and curves project :) I recently purchased the templates, but have never taken the class so I don't know what to do with them yet. Your one block wonder is pretty! It is a little tedious, but like you said, once its done, you don't have to mess with it any more. I've only made one myself. I like to think that I'd try another one, but it really does take a pretty good sized time and space allowance. Maybe a tiny one...?!

  2. I have a running list of UFOs. I'm trying to whittle it down, but then new, more exciting projects seem to come along. You're so right, though, when I pick one up and get back to work on it, I am always happy that I did.